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The Ready Group (TRG) is an operations advisor and project management provider in healthcare, committed to improving quality of care, treatment, and services in all  communities.



To empower healthcare organizations with the tools required to successfully deliver care, treatment, and services.

Core Values

Excellent Customer Service

Servicing each of our partnerships is a privilege. Each of our consultants is a value added solutions provider to our partners, which allows for a customize and effective growth and improvement strategy.

Dynamic Teamwork

At TRG we use our clinical experience and regulatory knowledge to forecast and proactively control situations. We partner with your teams to identify those areas of improvement opportunities. Total quality management and operational excellence are always at the forefront.

Results Driven

TRG implements an improvement framework that focuses on desired results and sets out to achieve challenging goals. By applying evidenced based action plans, we accelerate growth & system improvements. The outcome of  this strategy ultimately improves cash and workflows to ensure efficient quality of care and service delivery.


Meet Our Founder/ CEO
Ruth Coby, MHS CPHQ

Ruth Coby as a former night shift nurse has many successful years of experience in strategic healthcare business planning, mentoring, facilitating CEO discussions, and helping CEOs and healthcare organizations feel at ease implementing strategies to improve patient care, treatments, and services. 
She has a proven record of accomplishment, achieving healthcare business success, accelerating growth, and applying strategies for improving cash & workflows. 
Ruth’s inherent ability to overcome the numerous and varied obstacles to success in the healthcare industry led her to start The Ready Group.
As a master of her craft, she functions as a strategic healthcare business consultant and healthcare business mentor. She has served as the sounding board during discussions of developing and implementing new healthcare business strategies & initiatives. In addition, her knowledge, experience, and expertise have provided guidance and insight to emerging healthcare consultants. As the senior principle consultant, Ruth leads as an  example ensuring the Ready Group's mission is successfully carried out.





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